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Live Composer was originally published on CodeCanyon Marketplace in 2014
Later we decided to join open source movement and make it 100% free

WordPress is an Open Source project, sharing Live Composer for free is our way to pay back to the community

Free & Open Source Visual Website Composer

Why to risk with nulled version of premium page builder when open source alternative is available?

No license restrictions 

Free updates and support

Don't risk your safety by using nulled WordPress plugins on your website. Pirated versions of premium plugins are infected with malicious code, so hackers can get access to your website and use it for their black seo techniques and spam distribution. Forget about license keys, disabled plugin updates or license limitations. Get our 100% free and open source page builder today.
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It started as premium plugin released on CodeCanyon

Live Composer started as premium plugin on CodeCanyon in 2014, but later we adopted open source ideology and make it completely free without restricting any of its great features. Moving from premium to freemium was a great challenge for our product and also for the development team. But we were driven by the idea that will come a day when anyone would build their website with ease and with no substantial investments. So far we never doubted the fairness of this decision and we continue to believe that Open Source is the future.
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Now everyone can build a custom designed website

Starting your online business is hard. Do not limit yourself by restrictive license of premium plugin. Save your money and time for website promotion. Relying your business on closed solutions with restrictive terms has already been deadly for many businesses. You don’t have the freedom to decide, build or rethink your strategy whenever its necessary. There will be always someone on top of you who will decide what is permitted today and what is restricted tomorrow.
WordPress Developers Network

Powered by the crowd of developers


Wordpress is an open source platform, which means there are thousands of people around the world that are contributing to it. Besides the advantages of being powered by crowd it also means you are free to use it for any project without paying anyone a license fee. We believe this kind of approach is also suited for our visual composer project — Live Composer.

Popular WP Plugins

Most popular WordPress plugins are free


A big number of WordPress plugins are free because they are following the same WordPress open-minded philosophy. WooCommerce, Yoast, Jetpack are some of the titans that prove the legacy of the Open Source mindset. And this is the secret recipe for anyone that want to contribute to the whole ecosystem instead of building their own closed solution.

Open Source WordPress

Free means open. Open to your ideas & creativity


We do hope that in the near future, Live Composer will join the plugins elite to claim it’s well deserved spot of the best free Visual Drag and Drop builder for Wordpress. We have a strong community, develop and increase the value of each project created within. Join our Facebook group and contribute to plugin’s development on GitHub.

WordPress Responsive Page Composer

Fully responsive visual site composer

Live Composer gives you all the visual control you need over responsiveness. It lets you edit all the elements on the page and decide how will they look on the tablet and also on the phone, you can even choose what to show and what to hide on a particular screen size in order to offer your users greatest experience.

Live Composer is a developer friendly plugin!

Manual coding your website it’s a waste of time, let’s face it. Why rewrite the same line of codes again and again, and why to use your coding skills by dubbing the same dummy actions every time. Let’s focus on other equally important tasks: design, marketing, lead generation, conversion, and profit.
WordPress Developer Friendly Page Builder
Free Visual Composer WP

No coding skills needed. Create custom website on your own

But in case you have some custom advanced work to do, your developer will appreciate features that Live Composer brings because it will save him tons of time allowing him to focus on really important tasks. In the same time allowing you to save some pennies. Other "free" visual composer plugins are just cropped versions of the premium ones.

All the features you expect from paid plugin are free

Live Composer includes all the premium features you expect from paid plugin. No other website builder is such powerful and offers so much value for FREE!

Build unique web pages not limited by theme options

Create effective converting landing page designs

Design custom headers & footers using drag and drop 

Custom archive page listing and 404 page designs 

Fully featured websites with PRO functionality

Predefined post types like: portfolio, downloads, clients

Live Composer is a free & better alternative to costly drag and drop visual composers

Moving to Live Composer from any other visual composer it’s painless and don’t require great investments or special setups. Any theme build with WordPress standards in mind can easily work with LC.

No per website license restrictions

Build as many websites you want without thinking about restrictions. You can also modify/add functionality to fit your custom needs.

Free to include in your premium themes

Great opportunity for theme authors to build and sale their WordPress themes using our visual composer. Give your customers the perfect tool for customizing their theme.

Actively developed by community

Having a constantly growing community it’s inspiring and challenging in the same time. It is also amazing how you can request and get help from thousands of community members.

Tested by time and 20k+ active users

No product can claim it’s supremacy without being well tested in real time conditions and real world scenarios. Live Composer was tested enough to endeavour its position among the best solutions on the market.
Visual Page Builder

Visual Page builders —
the next step forward

Back in the days, only a limited group of people had the privilege and knowledge to build websites.Wordpress gave everyone the opportunity to build at first blogs, and then fully featured websites. By giving everyone an easy, unified platform, clear instructions and a strong community of enthusiasts. The evolution of Content Management Systems is totally making sense, because it gives freedom of creation. Nowadays, the rise of Visual builders is taking its well deserved place in people’s mind and habits.
Front-end Visual Page Composer

Front-end Wordpress Visual Page Builder Plugin

Live Composer is the only fully-featured FREE page builder on the market. There are a plenty builders on the market that claim to be powerful and ready to use for your next big project. The ugly truth is that most of them hadn’t been enough tested in real life conditions, Live Composer is tested by time and toughened in the WP ecosystem. More than 30.000 websites are running on LC Page Builder and the numbers are constantly growing.


Visual Website Composer is the most popular premium page builder for WordPress

Live Composer is the only fully-featured FREE page builder on the market.
Power and freedom to building a fully custom websites from scratch