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Drag & Drop Page Builder Plugin for WordPress

create unique pages without writing a single line of code

What Can Live Composer Be Used On?

on pretty much everything


Well of course, it is a page builder after all. But it's only one of the things Live Composer will allow you to build on.

Posts and Custom Post Types

With the "post templates" system you can create a template and apply to all the posts. No need to recreate for each one.

404 - Page Not Found

Themes generally come with a plain 404 page simply stating it is a 404 page. Now you can build your own just the way you like it.

Search Results

Yes, another thing you generally have no control over in themes. You can build your own search results page.

Author Archives

 Take control over the author archives. Yeah, another one of those pages themes don't generally give you control of.

Category Archives

Want the category pages of each post type to be different, suited to their needs. You got it, build them the way you want them.

Which Elements Does Live Composer Have?

from a simple button to a full portfolio/projects functionality



Posts ( All CPTs )


Info Box


The Content

Comment Form







The Excerpt








The Thumbnail

Staff Social


Products ( Woo )

Social Links

Progress Bar


The Title


And more...

Can A Whole Website Be Built With It?

Sure. Using the FREE blank theme you can build header and footer with LC as well

On the left is a screenshot of a demonstration website I built only by using Live Composer and the blank theme that comes with it.

Is that website available for others to use? Of course. You get that one for FREE and there will be more free ones like it. 

What Do The Users Have To Say About It?

rating of 4.8/5 based on 184 ratings so far

"Live Composer is for sure our favorite page builder plugin out of the whole lot of page builders we've used. Live Composer is flexible, fast and offers some sweet custom post types already built in."
BOLDBLOCKS ( codecanyon user )
"I'm blown away by what you can do with the plugin and more importantly how incredible S is on support ( he literally blows my mind every day with his amazing effort and knowledge ) - you can create anything with it!"
Dean Phillips
"Great front end editor that works exactly as advertised and support is also great. You can put together great pages without html knowledge and adjust their styling to a high degree."
JargonGR ( codecanyon user )
"Very well-thought-out plug-in with the capability to expand endlessly. Great for projects with clients who prefer a DIY/Front-End management approach."
thedirector27 ( codecanyon user )
"Just want to take some time out to say a huge thank you for all your help and advice with this amazing plugin. It just gets better with each iteration!"
Darron Saunders
"Extremely helpful tool. Great idea. Something which will revolutionize WP world. Awesome support too. All the best."
Artur Szwedowski

Got Some Examples of Pages Built With Live Composer?

well of course, check below for some examples, ohh and this page you are on is built with it

Where Can I Get Live Composer?

Live Composer is available on CodeCanyon