Live Composer Release Notes Archive (1.0.1 –


This is a small update that fixes the issue with pagination not working in WordPress 4.4.

Version 1.0.7 is going to be delayed a bit ( originally planned for today ) due to another project requiring high priority. The 1.0.7 release date is moved to December 21st.

Version 1.0.6

Version 1.0.6 of Live Composer is released. The planned release date for version 1.0.7 is December 15th.

Yoast SEO v3 Compatibility

Version 3.0 of Yoast SEO came with a lot of changes and one of them was they completely rewrote the way the keyword analysis is handled. Live Composer is now compatible with that new keyword analysis system.

Aside of the compatibility we’ve improved the data LC generates for the purpose of Yoast SEO analysis, it will now include HTML elements instead of just plain text, so when Yoast checks for headings, images… it will find them.

However, for your existing LC pages you will need to activate the editor and LC will then regenerate that content and show the “Publish Changes” button, press it.

Notification Module – Show Again After

Until now the notification module was quite simple, the user can close it but it would show up again when page reloaded. Now you can set it on a timer, you can set the amount of days that will take after the visitors closes it to be shown the notification again.

Jetpack’s Photon Compatibility

Jetpack has a feature called Photon which makes the images be stored on Jetpack’s server instead of your own server, making things a bit faster and saving up on your bandwidth.

But it was not compatible with Live Composer since the image resizing functionality in LC needed the images to be on the same server in order to resize them. Now, LC will use Photon’s functions to handle the display of resized images.


  • Button Module – Now supports opening videos ( youtube and vimeo ) in a lightbox
  • Blog/Posts Modules – Option to ignore sticky posts
  • Text/HTML/Content Modules – Box shadow options added for buttons
  • Clicking an image ( if lightbox activated ) in a gallery will now open that image instead of the first one in the gallery
  • Info Box Module – Letter spacing option added for title
  • Button Module – Letter spacing option added
  • Image Module – Negative bottom margin now possible
  • Widgets Module – Margin Left option added


  • Staff Social Module was broken
  • Issue with blockquote align option in HTML/Text/Content modules
  • Issue with masonry layout breaking
  • Issue with navigation module showing above lightbox
  • Issue with social shares count being incorrect
  • Issue with border radius on thumbnail in all posts related modules
  • Issue with content of a post type being displayed on the archives of the post type

Version 1.0.5

Version 1.0.5 of Live Composer is released. The planned release date for version 1.0.6 is November 16th.

All Posts Module – Query Altering Options

All the posts module ( blog, posts, projects, galleries… ) now have options to choose which posts show up when the module is on category/tag archive page, author archive page and search results page.

For example, as it was until now a blog module on a search results page would show the posts related to the search term. But that is not always the best choice, for example if you add a module in the footer to display your latest posts it would be affected and not show what you want. Now you can disable that, you’ll see the options under Functionaly > Query Alter.

Font Awesome v4.4

The Font Awesome icons font in the plugin has been updated to version 4.4 which brings in an additional 66 icons


  • Navigation Module – Option to set subnavigation position ( left, center, right )
  • Blog Module – Margin top option for social sharing section
  • Blog Module – Option to disable the social sharing items separately
  • Color palette is now available for the box shadow colorpicker
  • Text/HTML/Content Modules – Background image options added for blockquote element

Bugs Fixed

  • Issue with some AJAX request not working due to theme loading an older version of jQuery
  • Modules not getting new IDs on template load/import
  • Projects Module – Project taking to the single project page instead of custom URL ( when set to take to custom URL in the options )
  • Comment Form Module – URL and EMAIL inputs not affected by styling options
  • All posts modules – Issue in Firefox with width of images
  • Info box – Shadows on buttons hidden at the bottom
  • Load More pagination not working

For Developers

Filter – Row BG image when “use featured” enabled

You can now change the image being used for row background when the user sets “BG Image – Use Featured” to enabled. The filter is dslc_row_bg_featured_image.

Filter – To change the classes on the “dslc-module-front” div

It’s the main div that wraps all modules. The filter is dslc_module_class and comes with 3 arguments: 1) array of classes 2) module name/ID 3) current settings for the module

Version 1.0.4

Version 1.0.4 of Live Composer is released. The planned release date for version 1.0.5 is November 1st.

Text Shadow

A new option type has been added to Live Composer, it’s text shadow. It’s been added to several modules ( Text, Content, HTML, Title, Meta, Excerpt, Icon ) and we’ll keep adding it to more modules in upcoming releases.


New Feature – “Currently Editing”

When editing a row or a module, above the options ( left side ) will be a little bar with the text “Currently Editing: Blog Module” so you know which module are you editing. Also, clicking that bar will scroll the browser to the module you are editing and the border around it will flash to point out which one is it.


New Feature – “Load More” Pagination

If you want AJAX powered pagination ( click “load more” and more posts show up ), now you can have that, just set the “Pagination Type” option to “Load More”. This is available for all the posts related modules.


New Elements – Social Sharing in Blog Module

If you’d like to put social sharing links in your blog posts listing now you can, you can enable it under Styling > Post Elements, you’ll see “Social” in there.


New Feature – Icon Sets

Icon sets is a new feature which allows developers to implement new icons that will be available in Live Composer. For each icon option in top right the current set being used is shown and clicking on it allows you to change the set being used.


We’ve released a little icon set add-on. You can get it here.

New Shortcode – Category Description

If you are using Live Composer to power the archives/category pages and want to display the category description, now you can, simply add a text module and add the shortcode to output it.


  • Info Box Module – Option to add an image just below the icon. This is useful if you want to use an image instead of an icon. ( thanks to Aman )
  • Blog and Posts Modules – Option to turn off author/date in the meta independently
  • All posts related modules – Option to change thumbnail align
  • All posts related modules – Option to change align ( left/center/right ) on thumbnail
  • Several animations in the editor have been switched over from JS to CSS


  • The placeholder text on Info Box module was wrong and confusing
  • The avatar shortcode was echoing instead of returning
  • Parallax functionality was affecting horizontal position of BG image

For Developers

New Modules Option Type – Text Shadow

To use this option in your own modules simply set the type of the option to text_shadow. If you are applying a default value to the option then use the usual order of parameters “horizontal vertical blur color”.

New Function – dslc_get_social_count()

It’s used to get the amount of shares the current post/page has on twitter, facebook and pinterest. It returns an array with keys “fb”, “twitter”, “pinterest”.

It accepts 2 parameters, first is the post ID ( in case you want to get social shares of a specific post/page instead of the current one ) and the second one is cache time in milliseconds ( how long until it should recheck again for the shares count, defaults to 3600 seconds, which is of course 1 hour ).

New Filters – Custom Post Type and Taxonomy Arguments

All the arguments for post types and taxonomies now have filters so you can alter them. This was asked by a developer so he can change the labels ( “Projects”, “Add Project”… ) to something else that suits his theme better, but you can also change other arguments with this.

Here’s the list of filters: dslc_projects_cpt_args, dslc_projects_cats_args, dslc_downloads_cpt_args, dslc_downloads_cats_args, dslc_downloads_tags_args, dslc_galleries_cpt_args, dslc_galleries_cats_args, dslc_partners_cpt_args, dslc_partners_cats_args, dslc_staff_cpt_args, dslc_staff_cats_args, dslc_testimonials_cpt_args, dslc_testimonials_cats_args

For the list of arguments you can check the source code or check the register_post_type() and register_taxonomy().

Version 1.0.3

This is an unscheduled update, the next scheduled regular update is still planned for October 15th. The purpose of this update is to make Live Composer compatible with WordPress language packs, more info on language packs can be found at

The text domain for Live Composer used to be ds_string but for the language packs feature to work it has to be the same as the plugin’s folder name which is live-composer-page-builder. So in this update all the textual strings have the text domain changed ( about 8500 strings ) and some other fixes related to the translation capabilities have been made.

If you have your own translation of Live Composer the file name is something like dslc_string-sr_RS which will no longer work, change it to live-composer-page-builder-sr_RS ( the sr_RS part depends on the language code ).

Final Words

That’s pretty much it. The next regular update with new/improved features and fixes is 1.0.4 and is scheduled for October 15th.

Version 1.0.2

Following the plan of releasing an update every 15 days here comes a new update of Live Composer, version 1.0.2.

Box Shadow

Most notable feature in this version is the introduction of a new option type for modules, box shadows.


Box shadows options have been added to elements of several modules ( button, HTML, text, content, info box ) and we will keep adding it to more elements and modules in the next update.

It will also be added for rows in version 1.0.3 ( October 15th ).

Note for developers: To use this option in your own modules simply set the type of the option to box_shadow. If you are applying a default value to the option then use the usual order of parameters “horizontal vertical blur spread color inset”.

New Module – Per Page Content Width

This was originally made to be part of 1.0.2, but in order to not clutter up LC with too many options that are not vital it has been released as a free add-on.


  • Text/HTML/Content modules – Option to change link color in blockquotes
  • Text/HTML/Content modules – Select fields, password and number inputs now affected by the input styling options
  • Tabs module – Position option ( left/center/right ) for tabs navigation
  • Navigation module – Option to have navigation items show vertically instead of horizontally
  • Activate editor button now shows on 404, categories, archives and search results ( if LC powered )
  • Timeout ( 10 sec ) added for “publish changes” to avoid getting locked out if something goes wrong
  • Accordion module – Option to change spacing between accordion items


  • Fix for themes overwriting colorpicker input style
  • Fix for issue with slashes in link to posts text
  • Fix for issue with quotes in text input options
  • Fix for link issue in all posts related modules on phones/tablets

Code Related Improvements

There has been plenty of improvements to the code itself, some major some minor. Live Composer is on GitHub so you can see all the changes done over there. There are a couple changes worth mentioning.

Header/Footer functions

As it is by default ( with themes that define support for LC header/footer functionality ) the header/footer was handled by LC and was part of the content filter. That was a bit of an issue with some plugins that also filter the content which was causing the content from those plugins to show up before the header or after the footer, which of course is not good.

You can now tell tell LC not to automatically output the header and footer with this:

define( 'DS_LIVE_COMPOSER_HF_AUTO', false );

Then you can output the header and footer yourself with the two new functions ( you’ll of course output header in header.php of your theme and footer in footer.php ):

echo dslc_hf_get_header(); 
echo dslc_hf_get_footer(); 

Those functions will automatically determine which header and which footer should be displayed on which page.

Filterable Font Families

The array of font families has been moved to PHP instead of JS and a filter was added so you can change which fonts would be available in the “font family” option type. The filter is dslc_available_fonts, I’ll write up a little tutorial about it in the developer documentation section.

Filterable Icons

Similar to the font families, you can now filter and change the icons that are available. The filter is dslc_available_icons, a tutorial will be added to the developer documentation.

Filterable Templates

A filter has been added to allow developers to add their own templates and if needed remove existing ones. The filters is dslc_get_templates, a tutorial will be added about it in the developer documentation.

Final Words

That’s it for this update. The next one is version 1.0.3 and is coming on October 15th. Aside from these regular updates, I’m also working on some big improvements and new features that take more time to handle and I’m looking forward to start introducing them soon.

Version 1.0.1

Live Composer version 1.0.1 has been released. It is not the first update of LC ( it had 50 updates in the past 2 years while it was on CodeCanyon ) but it is the first update since it became a free plugin 5 days ago. And there will be many more updates to come, making LC even better.


  • Social Module – Yelp added
  • Option to change the position of the “activate editor” button ( left or right )
  • Testimonial Module – Option to change line height of “Author Position” element added
  • Loading animation added when adding a row ( while LC fetches a new row and outputs it )


  • Issue with CSS generation including “url()” as a background-image value and causing a slower page load
  • Masonry was not being initiated when a row is imported
  • Tutorial chapter one was broken, getting stuck at changing the padding value
  • Info Box Module – There was unwanted spacing below the icon
  • Image options causing vertical scrollbar to show in the options area
  • Header was going behind the WordPress admin bar ( the vertical bar at the top )
  • PHP undefined notice error when a module does not utilize presets functionality
  • Styling issue when a module option is an input field with the type number

Final Words

That’s all for this update. The next version release is planned for September 30th.


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