Live Composer Page Builder under new management

Live Composer Page Builder was first created as a result of a fruitful partnership between Slobodan Kustrimovic, a sharp developer from Serbia and Danny Duchaine, a talented web designer from Montreal. Firstly published in January 2014 on CodeCanyon it was the first front-end page builder on the market. Plugin quickly got much attention and moved to making it the only 100% free and open-source front-end page builder. In February 2016 Slobodan and Danny transferred the rights for further management and development of Live Composer to Lumberman Designs team.

Live Composer need more time than I could afford to give it. It’s a big plugin and a big plugin needs a team that’s working full time on it, otherwise the plugin is doomed to fail. At the beginning I gave it all the time I had, but as time passed I had to split my time into different projects to make a living and eventually the time I had left for LC itself was a few hours a week. A plugin like that can’t thrive on a few hours per week and it was clear that I’m no longer the right person to work on Live Composer and something had to be done about that.

Vlad from Lumberman Designs was someone who I spoke to often about Live Composer and what can be done to improve it, he always wanted to actively participate in Live Composer and help out. He is also an author of a successful theme powered by Live Composer and it was clear that he would want only what is best for Live Composer and that the future of Live Composer would be safe in his hands.

Slobodan Kustrimovic, plugin developer

There are many free page builders available on the market, but most of them are limited versions of the pro solutions and are not good enough to trust your client website with. What makes Live Composer different, is that it doesn’t limit your design potential. Not only you have enough styling options to create any page layout, but it also offers you a fully featured drag-and-drop builder for the headers and footers. There’s also a flexible template system, where you can create unique posts types like blog posts, portfolio or galleries without hacking the PHP code. No other page builders have that functionality at the moment.

I remember how I was pleasantly shocked with Live Composer plugin quality and it’s unique approach to the page building process. It was clear to me that this tool perfectly fits my needs and expectations for a page builder.

Vlad Mitkovsky, team lead at Lumberman Designs.

Lumberman Designs is a team known for creating SEO WP Theme – the best selling WordPress Theme built entirely on Live Composer. Having learned so much about the actual use of the plugin since it’s release, the team of Lumberman Designs is so excited about the opportunity to take it now to an entirely new level.

One of best improvements coming soon in Live Composer is a completely new approach to the way the page builder generates code. Now it will all be taking place on the front end right in the user browser using pure JavaScript. All the actions will be blazing fast and the entire editing process will be much more stable. Live Composer is following the developing vector set by other popular plugins like Yoast SEO and Ninja Forms – moving most of the functionality to front-end.

In the next year the Live Composer team plans to heavily invest in the development of the plugin. Here are some of the upgrades planned:

  • Speed-optimization for both editing and production modes.
  • Redesign user interface to make it look closer to WordPress UI.
  • Deliver advanced tools for internet marketers to convert the leads even more effectively, such as A/B testing and advanced contact forms integration.
  • Integrate the plugin with available e-commerce solutions, like WooCommerce and Easy Digital Downloads.
  • Commit to making Live Composer the fastest and most reliable page builder on the market.

We will liberate WordPress users form design restrictions dictated by themes. You should be able to create custom website designs without hiring expensive web developers or struggling with coding on your own. Custom page designs that fits your needs perfectly and convert visitors into customers is not a premium feature any more.

Vlad Mitkovsky, team lead at Lumberman Designs.

And one last thing. Live Composer will always remain free of charge including. There will be no premium version.

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